Background of the Business Model Innovation Readiness test

The questionnaire consists of background questions and 33 business model innovation related questions divided into three categories: value proposition, value creation and value capture. After answering to all questions, the service provides a spider chart that describes the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s business model innovation capability. It also tells individual averages for each business model category and the overall business model innovation readiness score.

The service is created for business leaders and consultants interested in gaining insight on the areas that could be improved to increase competitiveness in the future. The business model innovation scale has been developed and tested by Thomas Clauß as presented in his research article “Measuring business model innovation: conceptualization, scale development, and proof of performance”, published in R&D Management Journal in 2016.

To compare companies in different industries, we require the business id of the company for which the evaluation is done. In order to get a pdf of the report and general recommendations for improving business model innovation readiness, the name of the user and an email address must be provided.

The following information will be collected and stored:

  • Business id of the company
  • Answers to the questions
  • Name of the user
  • Email of the user